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Bedbug Extermination Services in Kelowna, Penticton and Vernon

When insects like bedbugs, beetles and earwigs invade your home, it can feel like you’re fighting a battle you can’t win. However, with The Bugman Pest Control on your side, you’ll soon take back your home from the insect intruders. If you are looking for bedbug extermination services in Kelowna and surrounding areas, we have got you covered. Bedbugs stay in extremely small, narrow and dark locations where they have easy access to food.

Bedbugs Giving You Nightmares?

While not known for spreading disease, bedbugs nest in human bedding and leave behind painful bites on the skin. Bedbug infestations are difficult to eradicate entirely, as you must be careful what insecticides you use on your bedding so as not to harm yourself. Some people choose to throw out their old mattress and replace it, but unless you treat all areas where bedbugs are hiding, they will simply infest your new mattress. If you have a bedbug problem in your Kelowna house, the best option is to hire a professional pest control company, like The Bugman Pest Control, who can safely deal with the situation.

What You Can Do

Here are a few prevention tips that you can follow in your house to keep bedbugs at bay:

Keep your place clean: Make sure to clean your house every day. This can significantly reduce the chances of bedbug infestation in your property.

De-clutter: Remove unnecessary materials from your house. By doing this, you will be eliminating the most likely places for bedbugs to hide.

Use a mattress safe cover: When you are not using the mattress, cover it with a mattress safe cover. These are made from top-quality fabric and are zipped, protecting the entire mattress. It will prevent bedbugs from entering the mattress and box springs.

Inspect your furniture: If you have antique furniture, check for cracks or holes in the furniture regularly.

Count on us to remove bedbugs from your Kelowna property. We will provide quick and efficient services. You can also schedule a pest inspection service before buying a house. Exterminate and prevent insect infestations—call us today!

Bedbug Removal

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