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Dealing with Rats or Mice in Your Home or Business

brown rat eating food

The presence of rodents like rats and mice can be devastating to your sense of comfort in your home. Rodents can also wreak havoc on a business if they make their way in and build a home.

Your best method to protect yourself against these unwanted pests is to understand the warning signs, know what attracts rats and mice, and have a plan of action for rodent control when a problem does arise.


We're going to give you some pest control tips in this article, hopefully helping you figure out how to get rid of mice that make their way into your property.

Rodent Control 101: How to Handle Rats and Mice

Rats and mice tend to make their nests in walls, hidden areas in seldom-touched places, and warm pockets such as those in the lining of a chair or sofa. These areas are always out of sight, but there are typically clues that can lead you toward wherever they're nesting.

One overwhelming sign is the presence of droppings. Rats and mice are sneaky, but they aren't clever enough to avoid leaving droppings wherever they go around your home or business.

This is especially true in areas that they're spending a lot of time. There's no getting around the fact that droppings indicate the whisperings of an infestation. You might notice a musky odour coming from the areas where they're spending time.

You'll also notice that the rodents have chewed through food packaging and gnawed at furniture and wiring. When you see any of these signs and they persist, you know it's time to start acting.

Rodents can contribute to a good deal of harm in your home or business. First, your things might get damaged by gnawing and clawing as rodents make themselves comfortable. Second, they can carry disease and spread illness to you and your family or employees.

Steps to Prevent an Infestation

The first thing you can do to start cutting down on the problem is set traps. If there aren't too many rodents in your building yet, these traps could nip the issue right in the bud and are usually the best way to get rid of mice.

In many cases, there's just one pesky rodent that's working its way around your home and leaving evidence. A trap or two in tactical areas throughout your home can often be enough.

You should also inspect your home for small openings where these critters could be getting in. Doorframes, floorboards, and window cracks are often the first places to look.

Further, make sure that your home is free of a lot of clutter. Clutter makes it easy for mice and rats to hide while they work their way around your home in search of warmth and food.

As you're decluttering, make sure there aren't crumbs or scraps of food lying around. Loose food can attract mice and give them a steady source of nutrition.

After you've taken the basic precautions, you should find that the problem lessens. If not, though, it's time to work with a professional. The pros at The Bugman Pest Control are experienced and licensed pest control experts who can take care of the issue once and for all.

Need a Little Help?

Rodent control can be tricky, especially when you have to get on with your daily life and don't have time to spend all day scouring your home or business for pests. We get it, and we're here to help.

Contact us to schedule a pest inspection or rodent control services in the Okanagan for your home or business. Working with an exterminator is the quickest way to deal with pests.



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