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Trusted Spider Control Services in Kelowna, Penticton & Vernon

Spiders can enter your home or business from even the smallest opening. For the most part, spiders don’t pose a serious health threat and can even help eliminate other pests in your lawn or garden. However, there are a few types of spiders in the Okanagan whose venom is dangerous to humans. While you can safely remove a spider or two on your own using a vacuum, if you think you have a full force spider infestation, your safest option is to contact the experts at The Bugman Pest Control for spider control in your Kelowna, Penticton or Vernon home.

Identifying Dangerous Spiders

The dangerous spiders common to the Okanagan include the black widow and hobo spider. The venom from these spiders’ bites can pose health problems, especially for children and those with weak immune systems.

Black Widow Spiders

The black widow is easily identified by its black colouring and red hourglass-shaped marking. Black widows typically live in dark, undisturbed areas with warmer temperatures. They typically remain outdoors but will live in basements, storage areas or cluttered homes.


Black widows generally only bite when threatened or after laying eggs, but their venom is neurotoxic. This means it directly affects the victim’s nervous system, causing pain and symptoms such as:

Increased blood pressure
Localized sweating
Inability to urinate
Rigid abdominal muscles

Their bite is not typically fatal when treated correctly. If you or a loved one has been bitten by a black widow spider in Kelowna, Penticton or Vernon, be sure to call a medical professional immediately.

Hobo Spiders

The hobo spider is brown with white and dark brown markings on the abdomen and a comb-like row of bristles on its back legs. These spiders can be found in almost any habitat containing holes, cracks or crevices. They are poor climbers, so they are most often found at ground level, and they enjoy dark, moist areas such as basements and crawl spaces.


A hobo spider bite typically produces a necrotic legion, similar to the brown recluse spider. The typical cycle of a hobo spider bite is as follows:

Within the first 3 minutes, the bite will develop a small hard bump surrounded by a reddened area of skin
Within 15-35 minutes the red area blisters
Within 24 hours the blister typically breaks open and oozes serum

The blisters on your skin eventually scab over, but a hobo spider bite can take several months to heal and often leaves a scar.

Identifying Spider Infestations

If you are trying to identify spider infestations on your premises, here are some common signs to look out for:


Spider webs: The spider web’s size and shape may vary according to the species, but all spiders invariably form webs. Some webs are orb-shaped, while others are funnel-shaped. Webs can usually be found under furniture or in corners of rooms.

Spiders are often attracted to moisture, therefore your basements, walls, sheds, and other damp locations are more susceptible to hosting spiders.


Egg sacs: Spotting a spider egg sac is a sure warning sign to prevent an infestation. The sacs have a silky texture and can contain hundreds of spider eggs. The egg sac can be found hidden in a web, affixed to surfaces or guarded by the mother.  

At The Bugman Pest Control, we can provide you with comprehensive pest control services. From inspection to control and removal, we can ensure that spider problems are solved once and for all.

Preventing Spider Infestations

Want to make sure spiders never find a chance to thrive on your property? Cleanliness is key. Neat and organized indoor spaces that get sufficient light and air deter spiders from creating webs and nests. These insects typically occupy dark and damp corners, like objects crowding a messy room, neglected cellars, and cracks in walls and windows for years at a time, feeding off smaller insects.

If you have a garden, they may be living in heaps of rubble and wood chips, tree stumps, and on the underside of stones left untouched for long periods; alert maintenance helps prevent potentially dangerous infestations in such green spaces.

Spider Control and Removal

You may be tempted to eliminate spider infestations on your own. The professional exterminators at The Bugman Pest Control can help you get rid of the pest infestation in your home.


From removal to treatment to sanitation, we perform a thorough job to treat the problem of spiders in your home. Our licensed technicians have years of experience and expertise in dealing with all kinds of spiders, from common house spiders to black widow and the dreaded hobo spiders. To prevent any spider infestation, we can inspect every corner and crack to intensify your home’s sanitation and remove all potential hiding places such as woodpiles and other debris.

We follow an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) program to manage pest and spider control in Kelowna and surrounding areas. This ecologically conscious approach focuses on preventing, identifying, and removing spider problems.


Frequently Asked Questions

Can I Get Rid of Spiders with Pest Control?

Yes, pest control services from trained and experienced professionals can help you get rid of spiders and also prevent them from returning.


How Long Does Spider Pest Control Take?

Pest control service involves several steps, like prevention, identification, monitoring, treatment, and evaluation. The duration will depend on the size of your property and the extent of the infestation.


How Do I Prevent Spiders from Entering My Home?

Spiders are among the 5 most common pests in the Okanagan. So, you must be extra cautious to prevent them from entering your home. Sealing the gaps and cracks, keeping your doors and windows shut, and removing spider webs regularly are some ways to stop them. Dehumidifiers can also discourage them from entering your home as they like humid areas. You can also keep your home clean of other insects so that spiders don’t come looking for food.


What Is the Most Effective Way to Get Rid of Spiders?

While you will come across several home remedies and spider repellants to remove spiders from your home, the most effective way to get rid of them is by calling professional pest control for spider removal.


What Are the Most Active Months for Spiders?

Different species of spider remain active differently. For instance, cellar spiders are visible throughout the year, while common house spiders are active during late summer and early autumn.

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