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Professional Beetle Control Services in Kelowna

Beetles are among the most commonly found insects around your garden. They can easily be confused with other common insects as they have typical characteristics. The common beetles found on your plants are not harmful to humans. They work as a natural pesticide for your plants as they eat other insects and aphids. While beetles do not cause damage to your property, and are not known to cause harm to people, they can become a nuisance. The Bugman Pest Control is equipped with all the necessary equipment to help you tackle a beetle infestation. You can trust our professionals to provide efficient beetle control in Kelowna, Penticton, Vernon and throughout the Okanagan Valley. 

As beetles work on improving the quality of the plants and environment around us, it is best to take action when their number becomes unmanageable. There is no repellent application we can use to make beetles go away. Our beetle control services focus on Integrated Pest Management and structural pest control to prevent beetles from entering your home or property. 

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Identify the Beetles Around You

Beetles tend to reside in trees rather than structures, and as flying organisms they will be seasonal. Some common beetles that are found around Kelowna and the Okanagan region are:

Elm seed bugs
  • Elm seed bugs


These bugs are about 6.5-7 mm long and rusty green in colour. You will find them in clusters on the hot sides of houses. They usually feed on elm trees and can be spotted in the warmer seasons. 

Western box elder beetles
  • Western box elder beetles

Feeding on pine cone trees gives these bugs a smelly odour. Their fecal deposits might stain the sides of your building, so it is a great idea to get pest control done when you spot them. They are reddish-brown to grayish-brown with white markings.

Stink bugs
  • Stink bugs

These bugs start migrating into your homes as the season gets colder. Though they aren't harmful to humans, they can become a significant nuisance if not controlled.

Pirate beetles
  • Pirate beetles

Oval-shapes, these bugs are usually black or black and white in colour. These are typically seen in the spring season, and their bite is extremely painful. 

Safeguarding Your Property

Beetles do not cause damage to your property or the people around you. They become a problem only when their number becomes unmanageable. There is no effective repellent application against beetles. Research has shown that the best investment for your resources is Integrated Pest Management and physical changes to your building.  

Making physical repairs to your building or property is the best way to manage a beetle infestation and block their entry. We can work with you to identify areas that could serve as potential entry points. The process can be iterative, as we block areas, and then re-evaluate as activity continues to find new ways that beetles are entering your building. 

There are also a few ways by which you can temporarily block access. An effective way is to use window screening material when beetles are at their peak activity. Our experienced team of pest control professionals can help you with other solutions as well.

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Manage a beetle infestation with effective beetle control methods.

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